37 Combat Quested Starter Pure (Mith Gloves, DT, MM1, God Books, Lost City)

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100% Hand-Trained
No Recovery Guarantee
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Account Stats:
40-45 Attack
30-35 Strength
1 Defence
40-45 Ranged
50-55 Magic
17 Prayer
40-45 Hitpoints
37 Combat Level

Cook’s Assistant
Demon Slayer
Goblin diplomacy
Vampire slayer
Big chompy bird hunting
Client of kourend
Death plateau
Desert treasure
The dig site
Druidic ritual
Dwarf cannon
Fight arena
Fishing contest
Gertrude’s cat
The golem
The grand tree
Horror from the deep
Lost city
Monkey madness I
Mountain daughter
Priest in peril
Shadow of the storm
Temple of ikov
The tourist trap
Tree gnome village
Troll stronghold
Waterfall quest
Witch’s house

Stats can be 5 levels lower or higher than the ones shown in the image but the combat level is 37 with 1 defence on all accounts.

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