OSRS Max Mains

Maxed main accounts for OSRS. 99 Strength, 99 Attack, 99 Defense, 99 Hitpoints, NMZ Quested. Instant delivery, always in stock.


OSRS Max Main

90 Range Max Melee

$180.00 $164.99

OSRS Max Main

Max Melee Main

$149.99 $124.99

Max Main Account - FAQ

This FAQ explains how exactly we sell and produce OSRS Max Main Accounts on Grindswap.com.  Hopefully it answers any questions you may have.  Remember, we also have a 24/7 Live Support on the bottom right hand side if you want to ask a question not found here.

What is an OSRS Max Main?

Technically an OSRS Max Main account is any account with max melee stats.  Those include Attack, Strength, Defense, and Hitpoints.  Max mains sold on Grindswap are trained by hand through NMZ, so they also have NMZ requirementa and NMZ quests completed.

Why buy a Maxed Main Account?

Maxed Mains are useful for many reasons.  For one, it gives you an account that already has maxed melee stats, so if you are focusing on Bossing or other PVM, you can use this account to get started.  Maxed Mains are also commonly used for Staking.  Since you will have maxed melee stats, you will never be at a disadvantage in a duel.

You can do DDS or Whip stakes, along with boxing, without completing any further quests or training.