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OSRS Account Buying FAQ

Are you interested in an OSRS Account from Grindswap.com? If so, this FAQ has a list of answers to common questions from buyers just like you.  

Why Buy an OSRS Account?

There are many good reasons to buy an OSRS Account. First and foremost, buying an account saves you time that you would have to spend training, questing, and earning gear to level up.   We doubt we are the first to tell you that time is money.  

How Do You Deliver OSRS Account Information?

Account information will be sent to the email you used at checkout. If you created a Grindswap account, you can also find the account information on your Downloads Page.   We deliver all relevant account information in PDF format. Please keep this file secure and do not share it with anyone.  

Are the OSRS Accounts for sale on Grindswap.com Botted?

Grindswap.com only sells hand-trained Old School RS Accounts. We never use bots or cheats which jeopardize the security and integrity of the game. All accounts sold on Grindswap also come with a No-Recovery Guarantee.  

What is the No-Recovery Guarantee?

The No-Recovery Guarantee is our promise that the account will be we be reclaimed by us (or anyone). If you believe your account was accessed without your authorization, let us know and we will assist you in recovering it.   This Guarantee is voided if you attempt to resell the account, or release your account information to other person(s). We will still do our best to help you, but if we suspect you are using the account to defraud other person(s) then we will stop assisting you.  

Which Accounts are in Stock?

All accounts which are in stock are displayed in our shop. If you are looking for something that is not listed or in stock on our site, please contact us on Live Support.   We can usually provide custom Old School RS accounts based on your request.  

What Types of RS Accounts do you have?

We have a wide array of OSRS Accounts, which we have separated into a few sub-categories:  
  • Max Mains (Stakers)
  • Pure Accounts (1 Def Pures, Zerkers, etc.)
  • Main Accounts (Starter Mains, High Total, etc.)
  • Ironman and HC Ironman Accounts
  Navigate to a specific sub-category using the left sidebar on our web shop.  

Do you Sell OSRS Gold too?

Grindswap.com does not buy or sell in-game digital items. However, we recommend our partner site R2Pleasent.com for all OSRS Gold purchases.   

How Can I Trust You?

Trust and legitimacy are the most important factors when buying an OSRS Account. We understand you need to be careful when making this type of purchase. We are proud to say that we are founded by the creator of R2Pleasent.com and GGBoost.com, which are both industry-leading websites for RS Gold and LOL Boosting respectively. For more information, check out their Trustpilot pages here:  
  • GGBOOST Trustpilot
  • R2PLEASENT Trustpilot

My Question isn't Answered Here...

If you still have any questions or concerns we encourage you to contact us via Live Support on the bottom right hand corner of the website. We'll do our best to get a precise answer for you as soon as possible.